Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally blogging

Hello World!

For a long time I was wondering if I should finally start blogging myself. But somehow it seemed I don't have anything to tell to the world, so I thought I rather be humble and shut up.

But after all those years discussing IT with people in real life, via instant messaging or through emails I just have to admit that this humility is just a fake. Many a mailing list will be happy to report that I can rant quite a bit and sometimes even get off-topic. So instead of annoying mailing lists around the internet with my random thoughts I rather admit that not blogging was more a case of laziness than anything else -- putting the burden of sorting through my output on everyone else but me.

Hopefully I manage to write a few interesting bits and pieces so people will come and read. If not it's my fault but at least I didn't disturb people's normal reading pleasure on their favorite mailing list. Not that I got accused of that, but I think that wasn't always since I wasn't guilty.

The format I am aiming at is something that is probably longer and more edited than the average blog. Not necessary proper essays, but at least on the level of an editorial piece in a decent newspaper. At the core the blog is meant to be about IT topics, although I reserve the freedom to go out into other topics if it seems right. It certainly won't be a diary or news blog.

I hope you enjoy. Comment at will -- I think I can take a lot, and if I'm wrong at least I'll learn something.


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